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Brampton Farmer's Market Tour 2017

One of the best cleanses I've ever done!

I loved the variety and the freshness of the juices in my cleanse. The Cashew "mylk" was definitely one of my favorites. I also appreciated the encouraging texts from Shemeka during the cleanse. I'll definitely be trying another before the end of the year. Thanks! :)

– Alison T. from Canada



I love how personal the service is. And the juices are fantastic. I order often and I am always pleased.

– Kelly C. on Sweet Greens


Loved every one!

All the juices were delicious...even my least favorite of the 6 was great!

– Vicki D. on Juice Cleanse - Jump Start


Amazing Experience!

My experience exceeded my expectations, not only because I survived the 3-day cleanse, but because of the amazing, personalized service. As the business grows...and I know it will, please try to maintain that personal touch. Made all the difference!

– Leslie-Ann G. from Canada 


Welcome To Our Store

There are a few house rules:

1. You are welcome back anytime. No need to call, just come for a visit.

2. Always! Always have fun.

3. Tell 3 friends about your favorite juice. We love referrals.

4. Keep smiling. It looks great on you.

Now that we have those rules out of the way we want to make a few things clear. In everything we do we always think of you and will continue to put you first. There is nothing on our menu that we would not serve our family, we believe in transparency and goodness. In everything we do we will always include a vegetable of some sort, that will never change - it's who we are, it's what makes us unique. It's so easy to have fruits these days but how far back do you have to think for the last time you had a healthy serving of fresh vegetables? With The Green Geek you never have to think hard - just remember the last time you had one of our menu items and know in full confidence that you has a full serving of vegetables somehow, somewhere. We are shameless and unapologetic about serving you food that's Pretty. Good For You.

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You won't regret it.